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From One Owner-Operator to Another Superior Web Services for
Carpet Cleaners
Exclusively For Owner-Operators • 1 or 2 HWE Trucks • Pro Websites
• Social Media / Email Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Nationwide Cleaner Network Platforms

Built on Referrals

SINCE 2007

I strongly believe that the best carpet cleaners in the country are owner-operators. I learned this first-hand from 1000's of hours of conversation with Steve Marsh, the owner-operator's model and champion for decades!

You built your business, your brand, your experience, your knowledge, and your reputation through your own hard work, your own risks, and your own investments, and your own creativity. Your exceptional service and the results you achieve for your clients make you one of the most trusted providers of expert carpet cleaning services for high-end clients in your local area.



For an acronym that encapsulates the strategy of building a carpet cleaner's business online, M.A.G.I.C. stands for:

Market: Focus on identifying and targeting the high-end quality audience for carpet cleaning services (not price shoppers!).

Analyze: Regularly assess and understand the performance of online campaigns and website traffic.

Grow: Implement strategies to expand the client base and increase online visibility.

Innovate: Continuously explore new technologies and strategies to stay ahead in the digital space.

Connect: Build strong relationships with customers through engaging content and interactive online platforms.

This acronym reflects a comprehensive approach to online business development for carpet cleaners, encompassing marketing, analytics, growth, innovation, and customer connection/engagement.

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Owner Operators First!

— a membership organization you can join.
Our mission is to revolutionize marketing —
specifically for Owner Operated Expert Carpet Cleaning Businesses.

We believe Owner Operators should be FIRST.

Launching in the Fall of 2024

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More than Just a Great Website for Cleaners

Expert cleaning business owners want to see their brand in a leading position in the industry. I want to give your website and online marketing a premium competitive dominance. Our goal — book your schedule solid with high-end clients that seek maintenance cleaning year after year.

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Owner Operators First!

Dominance Launching in Fall of 2024, this unique program is a Murphy Magic exclusive opportunity.

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The Solid Setup

Traditional Quality websites, SEO, Social Media Posts, Google Business Profile Help, and much more.

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Be Competition Free

Partnership A Steve Marsh program to make the most of your Single Truck business.

Rebuilding for 2024

Innovating for a bright future!
Online marketing has changed a lot in the last 5 years. In fact, it's truly accelerated in the last year. We're clearing out some of the old, expensive, common tactics to make way for some innovative and powerful new strategies for Owner Operators.

We are launching a new program in the fall of 2024: Owner Operators First!.

Murphy Magic Under Construction
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... The Fourth Leaf

Luck is said to be when preparedness meets opportunity; successful people always create their luck through innovation, hard work, and persistence.

So, if L.U.C.K. = Labor Under Correct Knowledge, then that is what the THE FOURTH LEAF of the lucky clover stands for. The fourth leaf represents our new program launching this fall, called: Owner Operators First!

Creating the Ultimate Carpet Cleaner's Website

A mission of Owner Operators First is create the ultimate carpet cleaner's website — to attract every high-end client in your service area.
Strong data through Testing, Testing, Testing!
See the Owner Operator First website for a sneak peak.

Ultimate Carpet Cleaners Website