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Tailored Websites & Online Marketing for
Top Carpet Cleaning

Small & Owner-Operated Businesses
( 1-3 HWE Trucks )


SINCE 2009

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A Premium Website

• Built to impress higher-paying clients
• Built for clients to explore your expertise
• Built to convert website visitors into clients
• Built to inform and educate your clients
• Beautifully clean and appealing to your target higher-end consumers
• Discourages price-shopping
• Stands out from competitors — to show that you are the local preeminent choice among many.

SEO Service for Carpet Cleaners
Local SEO Services

• Get found by ideal clients
• An investment towards the highest possible Google Placement in Search Results
• Modern Strategies
• Goal: Google Page 1
• Strategies that no one else is using for owner-operators
• Unbelievably small investment — extremely affordable.
• Wholesale Prices for Advertising, if needed.

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Social Media Help

• Facebook Business Pages
• Google My Business
• Yelp
• Instagram
No matter how you feel about certain social media and review sites, your future customers are there. Let's take advantage of the FREE pages these social networks offer us, and make them extremely professional looking. I'll post to your social media accounts (with your approval) a variety of top-quality beautiful messages that stand out to consumers.

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Content Writing

Elite-level article and blog writing for carpet cleaners who want to share their expertise, tips, and helpful advice with their clients.
Having quality "blog" articles regularly uploaded to your website is a TOP Google SEO factor.

I believe that best carpet cleaners in the country are owner-operators. You built your business, your brand, your experience, your knowledge, and your reputation through your own hard work, your own risks, and your own investments. Your exceptional service and the results you achieve for your clients make you one of the most trusted providers of expert carpet cleaning service in your area.


Welcome Owner Operators

Murphy Magic Marketing
Website Services

for top-rated expert
carpet cleaning businesses

Modern Internet Marketing with a Twist

If you are a top-rated, honest, quality-minded cleaner who wants to show your expertise online, and you want to show customers — especially your loyal high-end customers — the professional appearance of a trustworthy neighborhood cleaning expert they can trust in their homes, then the website I will build for you will communicate quality, cleanliness, and professionalism — it will give them a great user experience and a top-notch first impression.

Repeats and Referrals have always been your bread and butter.

It will show your customers that you care about details and excellence.
I take the time to make your website a clean and professional work of art, and at a surprisingly affordable price, too!

Murphy Magic Web Services™ offers the website solution for the quality-minded small cleaning business.

  • Beautiful clean design appeals to quality-minded customers, not price shoppers
  • "Responsive" design looks great on mobile phones & tablets
  • SEO services, Customer Contact Forms
  • Extremely affordable
  • Search-Engine Friendly from the start.
  • Ready to accept advanced SEO efforts

Influenced by
a close working relationship with
cleaning-industry leader, author, and trainer —
Steve Marsh

For over a decade, I have worked closely with Steve Marsh, a past CFI Director, IICRC Master Cleaner, Sr. Carpet Inspector, teacher for IICRC Carpet & Upholstery Technician Classes, and consultant & teacher for many owner/operator businesses. We worked together to create an unbeatable marketing strategy for premium cleaners looking for the repeat, loyal, quality-minded customers.

spaceship motheship

What's the TWIST?

Ask me about The Mothership!

This is a very ambitious website project that I have code-named "The Mothership".

I'm not ready to reveal the details to the wider public — yet — but if you call for a consultation, I'll be happy to tell you all about this project for Top Carpet Cleaners. You must qualify.

Mike 408-410-5548

This is not a high-pressure sales tactic. It is a project that I'm very proud of that I want to reveal to a very select audience.

It can be a "game-changer".

A Very Special Deal

The Solid Setup™

If you're a top-quality service professional • if you've been in business for at least 5 years • if you have strong local branding • if you have a 5-star customer service personality • if you primarily use Hot Water Extraction methods • if you have more than ten 5-star reviews and an average of 4.7 stars • if you keep your rig spotless • if you tackle the toughest problems • if you keep your attire tidy and professional • if you price your services fairly and with integrity • if you have strong industry training and certifications • if you don't compromise on the quality and power of your Hot Water Extraction equipment — then I want you to join The Solid Setup™

Go to The Solid Setup Website for details

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Serving the Small-Business Owner
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(1-3 HWE Trucks)

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Why Choose Murphy Magic for your Internet Marketing?

I learned from one of the best — carpet industry marketing leader, Steve Marsh.

I have over 12 years of experience working on websites specifically for carpet cleaners.

I know the unique needs of carpet cleaners. And I know the industry well.

Making websites and performing SEO services for cleaners since 2007.

Always researching and improving — for 2021 and beyond — with Integrity and Innovation.

I hand-code websites carefully — so quality, efficiency, and details are taken care of "under-the-hood".

I create beautiful, effective website designs that target quality customers. I'm an artist and a scientist.

Over a decade, I've created unique and exclusive website assets, specifically for my carpet cleaning clients.

Therefore, I only promote quality, highly-experienced, expert cleaners. The best of the best.

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