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Website Pricing

for a Carpet Cleaning Small Business

New Website Build Cost:

New Customer: $2700 ($300 down + easy monthly payments. Negotiable.)
Existing Customer, Upgrading: $1375 (easy monthly payments. Negotiable.)

A Better Alternative:
"The Solid Setup"

If you consider yourself to be a leading expert in your local metro area, and your service is top-rated, then I've created a very unique package that may literally save you thousands of dollars and drive better results.

This program is only available for ONE cleaner in each metro area. Space is limited, so contact me today!
Feel free to:
Check out The Solid Setup partnership program on The Solid Setup website.

Business Hosting / Maintenance / Design / Content:


Annual Domain Name Registration:

$20/year per Domain Name

Optional Extras

SEO services (highly recommended):

Initial SEO setup: $300 one-time
SEO "Boost": $125 one-time for each "boost"
Monthly Ongoing SEO: varies from $99/month to $1500/month
Depending on your goals and your competition.

Customer contact web form:


No LONG-TERM contracts for the optional services. You must give us 30 days notice of quitting. Once you give us notice, you will be charged your regular monthly fees one more time.

The initial cost of the website is not refundable once the website is built and live online for 1 day.