Website Pricing

for Small Cleaning Businesses


New Website Build Cost:

New Customer: $600 ($300 down + $300 when finished)
Existing Customer Upgrading: $375 ($175 down + $200 when finished)

Hosting / Maintenance / Design / Content:


Annual Domain Name Registration:

$20/year per Domain Name

Optional Extras

SEO services (highly recommended):

Initial SEO setup: $125 one-time
SEO "Boost": $125 one-time for each "boost"
Monthly Ongoing SEO: varies from $49.99/month - $1500/month
Details on SEO services for cleaners

Customer contact web form:


No LONG-TERM contracts. But you must agree to a minimum of 6 months. After 6 months, you may quit for any reason. You must give us 30 days notice of quitting. Once you give us notice, you will be charged your regular monthly fees one more time, and your website will stay live until the end of the billing period -- at which time your website will go down, any hosting-connected email account will also be turned off, and you will no longer be charged for anything, except for your annual domain name registration (about $20/year) if you bought the domain name through us. You have to quit your domain name registration separately.

The initial cost is not refundable once the website is built and live online for 1 day.



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