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Hi everybody!
I'm Mike Murphy, your webmaster.

Way back in 2005, my first websites were horrible and amateurish, of course, because I had no idea what I was doing, and I didn't have Adobe Photoshop and other professional tools. I also didn't know anything about hosting, SEO, color theory, calls to action, landing pages ... all that stuff.

But with a few years of experience and training, investing in software, and studying web design techniques, I reached a point that I could make VERY GOOD websites. I began making websites for cheap for my friends who were clowns and magicians, and they liked the results!

While I was working at a magic shop, one of my favorite regular customers was a guy you may have heard of — Steve Marsh. Steve ran a hugely successful carpet cleaning business with a single truck for 30 years. Now, Steve writes a column in CleanFax Magazine, teaches cleaning classes for the IICRC, and teaches how to build a successful carpet cleaning business from the ground up through his two complete marketing programs — Single Truck Success™ and Be Competition Free™.

Well, because one of Steve's hobbies is magic, he even named his Carpet Cleaning business "Magic Wand Services". He regularly came into my magic shop, and when he saw me working on a magician's website on my laptop, he asked if he could hire me to make his website. That was my first REAL paying website gig, because Steve paid generously for great results.

I worked closely with Steve for over a decade to make the best websites for carpet cleaners. You know Steve as Cleanfax Magazine's Single Truck Success columnist, the creator of the Be Competition Free marketing system for cleaners, the cleaning business successful start-up program, Single Truck Success, and a top IICRC Industry Instructor.

Steve demands remarkable quality at affordable prices for the cleaners in his programs, and he hired me to create high-quality websites for himself and for his clients.

To make a long story short (too late!), Steve asked if I would work with him to make websites for his clients. That was in 2009. And now, over the years, we've honed a website business for carpet cleaners that offers HIGH QUALITY websites at a very surprisingly affordable price. My partnership with Steve has been great. Each month Steve and I would talk for HOURS about how to make online marketing more effective for carpet cleaners.